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Wood composite terraces

We sell only high-quality terrace floors of wood composite.
Twinson terraces meet all our quality requirements - durability, strength, stability, minimal and easy outdoor terrace flooring maintenance.

Outdoor terrace's flooring of the Twinson Terrace has the best features of wood.
Twinson terrace's floor boards are made from wood dust and plastic (PVC) resins, that's why these boards have all the best qualities of a wooden boards properties ("behave" like a tree) and using plastic resins lose all wooden boards shortages and is durable. For terrace floor production, Twinson is using fully recyclable and harmless materials.

Outdoor terraces floor is slip-resistant, crack resistant and also resistant from water and temperature differences.
Twinson Terrace floor boards don't have any bad wooden terraces features. Twinson terraces are resistant to temperature differences, floor coating is non - slip even after the rain, don't rot, spread or swell, don't mold, crack, resistant to chlorinated water, chemicals (except for lipstick), floor coating don't violate insects or fungus. Twinson terrace floor boards, as wooden boards, warm up from heat from the sun. Such floor of outdoor terraces is a pleasure to walk on.


We guarantee that Twinson terrace floor will not cause any troubles for you:
They won't have to be renovated, additionally impregnated or specially maintained, because Twinson outdoor terrace boards are impregnated in the factory, so there won't be a need for an extra floor wax, impregnation, repainting or renovation (such supervision must be carried out every few years for wooden terrace floor). You will use Twinson terrace floor as long as it will get bored, and all the using time the outdoor terrace will look as new as the first day of it's installation.

Twinson terrace flooring is easy to maintain.
It's enough to wash it with the water and clean with a wire brush. In an emergency, we have a special outdoor terrace care products (it is needed very rare).

We align the outdoor terrace floor color and pattern to any exterior.
At each outdoor terrace flooring color we are offering stylish and functional finishing patterns. Outdoor terrace flooring with natural colors and surface patterns creates the esthetic image.

We are helping to choose the best flooring color suited to the terrace and your exterior. From 8 different natural colors of nature we can create a balanced, to the last detail, visually attractive terraces image in any environment in your place.

Twinson terrace floor has two different surfaces:
One half of the terrace with smaller and the other with larger grooves. When mounting you can choose which side of the terrace floor will be outer. With such natural color double-side terrace floor color patterns can be created. We match outdoor terrace floor to various places, various terraces sizes and heights, they are easy to install.

Twinson Terrace terrace floor while combining colors in different application areas:
- Courtyard terraces;
- Garden paths;
- Loggias and balconies;
- Nex to the pools;
- Next to the baths and lakes while mounting tracks and bridges.

Outdoor terraces can be installed in any size and height.
Terrace boards which we offer are 28 mm thick and 140 mm useful width.

We guarantee a simple mount of terrace (and dismantling):
- Floor coating is fixed to the frame by connecting the special, hidden mounting plates, thus creating the same 4 mm space between the boards;

- the edges are covered with 87 mm wide by 10 mm thick edging;
- outdoor terrace can be smoothed and raised from the foundation up to the needed height with the designed supports with height adjustment mechanism;
- if you wish, you could reinstall the terrace easily by turning over the terrace floor (with another pattern).

We guarantee that your terrace will be installed properly.
Independently of whether your company, you or your hired people mount the terrace, we will look up until the terrace will be installed. Our employees will come to you for free and check the progress of the terraces installation work, if it is necessary, adjust and recommend how the terrace must be installed properly. We ensure the terrace floor will be installed properly.

In our warehouse we have a wide range of terrace floor and the materials which are needed to mount the terrace.

If you wish outdoor terraces floor can be brought to you to any place in Lithuania you need.


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